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May Sale!

Hi Friends! Next spring sale dates are here! I have several more dates coming up but some things are already going FAST! This might be the last of the raspberries and blackberries, they have been so popular! The nursery is always open by appointment as well, we don't have set hours because we are such a small family operation.

Thursday May 19th: 10-5

Friday May 20th: 10-5

Saturday May 21th: 11-4

Sunday May 22th: 11-4

We will have LOTS more things available later in the season as they finish growing and filling out their pots nicely. Everything we sell is priced way less than bigger stores and most items are only $6-8!

Lone Pine Farmstead

3175 E Pitchin Rd.

Springfield OH 45502

Here's what we'll have!


  • STRAWBERRIES!! We will have tons of strawberries available this weekend! Earliglow, Allstar, Jewel and Honeoye!

  • American black elderberry

One of my all-time favorite plants! American black elderberry is easy to grow in a variety of soil and light conditions! It is prized for it's medicinal and edible berries and flowers and is an important native plant for our native pollinators and birds.

  • Fall Gold yellow raspberry

  • Nova red raspberry

  • Triple Crown blackberry

  • Elvira white grapes

  • Bluecrop blueberrie

Shrubs and trees:

  • Dappled willow

Also known as tricolor willow, this plant is absolutely stunning! It has variegated foliage with white, pink and green. It can be grown as a small shrub or trimmed into a breath-taking hedgerow.

  • Black pussy willow

A bushy shrub with gorgeous purple-black winter stems. In early spring the stems are covered with deep purple-black catkins.

  • Assorted weigelas

  • Assorted hydrangeas

  • Native green ninebark

An excellent native shrub with year-round interest in the garden. Named for it's unusual bark which peels in strips. It flowers in early spring with dense clusters of white flowers. This plant is great for erosion control, as well as being an important food source for many native pollinators


  • Creeping phlox

  • Coreopsis

  • Black-eyed susans

  • Crimson dianthus

  • Zebra grass

  • Blue fescue

  • Daylilies (assorted varieties)

  • Yellow Loosestrife


  • Garden hops

These are climbing out of their pots! This is a great plant to grow along a fence for privacy or shade as it will fill in quickly! The flowers are great to use for homebrewing or for medicinal use.

  • Asparagus

These are sold already potted, which takes the guess work out of growing an asparagus patch! Simply plant and you're good to go! These roots are already 1yr old so you will be able to take a light harvest from them next spring and they will start producing heavily the year after!

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